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Garden Pots

All of our garden pots are imported from Vietnam and are high-fired. This makes them incredibly dense, preventing moisture absorption which is what causes other pots to crack during cold weather.

As a direct importer of our garden pots, we can provide your landscape with unique pots at low prices.


Visit our store to see our constantly changing collection of garden pots.

Our Vietnameses Garden pots are simply the best in the world. It is the firing process that makes them so wonderful. Firing ceramics at temperatures of 2,000 degrees gives it a density that prevents moisture absorption, which is what causes other garden pots to crack and fail during hard freezes. Our pots do not fail, and the extreme temperatures at which they are fired imparts a special beauty to their glaze.

Below are some of the styles of garden pots we currently have in stock. We have additional styles and colors in our showroom so please come visit us!

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