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  • Do your pots crack in cold weather?
    Our Asian garden pots last virtually forever, and will not crack in a hard freeze. This is because of the extraordinarily high temperatures at which they are fired. Pots from places such as Italy or Central America are often fired around 700 to 800 degrees. Our Vietnamese and Chinese garden pots are fired at temperatures well in excess of 2,000 degrees for extended periods of time. This gives them extreme density, preventing moisture from being absorbed. It is moisture absorption, which expands as it freezes, that causes those other garden pots to fall apart after one or two years.
  • How well does teak outdoor furniture hold up in the Pacific Northwest?
    Extremely well! The properties that make teak suitable for outdoor furniture – its high natural oil and rubber content, and its naturally high density – are even more beneficial in our weather. Teak is popular in places with even more rainfall than here, such as England and The Netherlands. A little annual care will keep your teak looking just as you wish: either honey brown or silvered. We carry teak care products, such as Golden Care® Brand Teak Cleaner, Teak Protector, and Teak Shield. We also carry teak oil, which has few protective properties but does impart a beauty and feel that many people desire. We encourage you to research the subject on the Internet. There is a lot of good information at your fingertips, and while you’re at it, compare our prices to those of the big national teak retailers!
  • Is there any rainforest destruction caused in the making of this furniture?
    Absolutely not. Indonesia has strict laws governing the harvest of trees for building materials, especially since furniture is an extremely important part of their economy. A government sponsored entity oversees tree harvest. Teak trees must age 80 years before harvest, and replanting of new trees greatly exceeds the number of trees harvested. Indonesia has the largest mahogany plantations in the world. Indian rosewood, called sonokeling in Indonesia, along with other trees such as monkeypod or suar, were imported by the Dutch and are specifically grown for use in furniture. When a teak tree is harvested, the entire stump is removed and used to make a variety of furniture and décor items – nothing goes to waste.
  • Why are you in a warehouse instead of a store?
    Firstly, we need a warehouse to receive our shipments, which arrive by the ocean container. Since we buy directly from the artisans who make our products, we cut out all levels of middlemen to give you unheard-of prices for teak and mahogany furniture and Asian garden pots. Secondly, we could rent a fancy retail space in a shopping center, but then our overhead would be so high we would have to double our prices. Our drafty warehouse makes it possible for you to have superior quality at the lowest prices!
  • Why is Bali Home Furnishings so different from other furniture stores?
    Most retail furniture stores simply carry sample sets of factory-made furniture and no inventory per se. When people buy from them, an order is written and the product is shipped within a few weeks from the wholesaler’s warehouse. Most of the furniture is made of particle board and very thin veneer, and can be quite attractive. At BHF, however, particle board is not allowed in our warehouse. Further, we actually buy all of our inventory directly from the artisans who make it, and ship it to our warehouse, which takes two to five months. All of our merchandise is hand-crafted of all-natural materials, and our most expensive solid wood items are about the same price as the least expensive particle board items at fancy retail stores. Nowhere else will you find dining tables, for example, with two-inch-thick planks of solid teak from end to end – not without paying many times the price we charge.
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